Free Avatar chat with a single line of code!

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Add a private avatar-based chat window to any page of your website by inserting the above line of code into your HTML. Similar to the old Palace Chat system, your website visitors can move around your webpage and chat with speech bubbles. But your visitors don't need to install any special software, the system works in any major web browser, and almost any image on the internet can be used as an avatar.

There is no charge to use this system. We hope that CopyChat will spread quickly and be a fun addition to a lot of websites. If you have any suggestions or bug reports, please feel free to use the contact form below. We may not be able to reply to all inquiries but we appreciate your feedback.


  1. Moving: Use your mouse to drag your avatar to a new position on the screen.
  2. Changing Avatar: In the options screen of the chat panel (the small gearbox), you can choose one of the standard avatars. Or you can paste the URL of another image on the internet that you want to chat with. To grab the URL of an image on a webpage, right click it and select 'Copy Image URL', then paste the URL into the box provided. Click the checkmark to activate it.
  3. Validation: As much as we regret the need for validation, it is necessary for your protection. Without it, spammers and idiots and will spoil the chat experience by using offensive avatars or language. Because IP addresses can change, the only realistic way to block such users is to have them provide a valid cell phone number or email address. We do not store these addresses in our system, we store an encrypted 'fingerprint' of the address. This way, we can block a user by their validation email or phone number if necessary, and there is no concern over this sensitive information being exposed in a security breach.


To customize your chat options and the chat interface on your website, add a script block to your page HTML immediately before the regular CopyChat script, as shown below. Include any option setting overrides from the list as you wish.


If your are using CopyChat on your website in a creative way and would like to be included in our gallery (which includes a follow link to your site) please use the contact form to let us know!


Please send any bug reports, comments or suggestions to: